3rd novel in Sam Seabury series, EDEN2.

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 Sam Seabury 

Women like him. 

Men would like to be him. 

dead girl beachAmid the stunning beauty of Thailand’s Koh Phangan Island, merchant seaman Sam Seabury’s fiancé Dao Suttikul has been brutally murdered in a horrible place called Dead Girl Beach. The police won’t solve the crime.  And the island’s residents –too frightened to speak – are no help either. So he searches the island and comes up with a name…Greta Langer. She’s as crazy as she is cunning, and through her network of spies she already knows that Seabury is coming after her. He travels up the coast from the village resort of Had Rin and through a hot, sweltering, mosquito infested jungle to get to Dead Girl Beach where Greta Langer waits for him. She’s not in the least bit worried. Why should she? The blond Amazon has already set a trap to kill Seabury, just like her other murder victims.(Read more)
ransom dropA dark voice over the phone speaks to Seabury. The kidnapper wants money, plenty of money, a one million dollar ransom in cash or he’ll kill Victoria Tan, daughter of pharmaceutical kingpin Benjamin Tan. When Seabury agrees to deliver the ransom to a remote, windswept region on the Plain of Jars in central Laos, his troubles are just beginning. Everything about the ransom drop goes wrong. Along the way Seabury uncovers a tragic wartime secret from America’s Secret War in Laos four decades old. Will he live long enough to escape the presence of the voice on the phone? Will he live long enough to bring the secret to the light of day? Only time will tell – and Seabury is running out of time.(Read more)
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